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Are we a naughty Human Race?

With the very fast spread of this Covid 19 virus, I ask the question how did it get out so fast to every place on planet Earth?. Today I saw a post in instagram saying its the world ways of saying you are a naughty human and you need to be punished a lot, so you humans go to your room now while I sort this mess out! instagram post from @jbneatherlin I wonder if I am joking? Perhaps not as there is already data by Nasa that the pollution levels over Wuhan & other areas have droped significantly already and then there is the actual seeing of the canals in Venice are actually clear and full of fish/swans etc and that is only 2 weeks of not being around doing our normal day to day activity.

Polution over Wuhan

Venice Canals

Our day to day habits are very dirty and it has to stop NOW. I was pleased that the coffee shops & fastfood shops that sell us cups with some coffee in were told to shut for the forseable future. That means those millions of cups that were discarded everywhere in the environment are not going to be there. We will make out own coffee at home for at least 2 weeks probably longer. According to an article in the Independant we consume over 95 million cups per WEEK in 2018. WOW that was in 2018 so probably hitting 100 millions plus now, so in 2 weeks thats 200 millions cups not thrown away and if we keep this up for the possible 12 weeks its 1.2 billion cups that are not going to landfill or discarded and thats just the cups. There are other kinds of beverages that use a similar cup so lets triple or quadruple that figure as there are a lot of fast food places that serve you a similar cup with your meal. So in one week 100 million coffee multiply this 4 times that for the other fast food places that minium 400 million cups not in the environment and this is just the UK. 1 WEEKs worth of waste. We have not even got into talking about all the other plastic waste we have associated with coffee and fast food places. ATTENTION All industry heads take this time to come up with a plan to tackle this problem while we have a natural break from producing so much waste. You have R & D teams set them to work to get large scale production or find a different way to serve us out tea, coffee and fast food in a very environmental way. If you say it cannot be done, yes it can it be done when we set out minds to it. You have 12 weeks of not doing a lot NOW go and do something worthwhile otherwise mother nature will unleash more disasters like this on us and who knows what the next one will bring or when this one might be over.

Then there are all the other things we throwaway all too quickly that get into our eco system which we will not do as we are not buying them and in honesty do not need them in our lives You have all been Naughty according to Mother Nature now sort yourselves out.!!

If she gave out grade it would be an F - Failed retake the test

Thank you Mother Nature.

Here are some examples of bad practices, PLEASE STOP IT NOW.

The river is the Landfill, Nepal

Plastic Boats from the wishes made in Hoi An every day

Kuta Beach, Bali

A clogged river in the Philippines

Cats arguing over plastic?

Typical cafe shot this one was on world plastic free day in Cambodia

Typical discard in any place in the world

Why have we taken over his home with our waste?

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